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Somebody’s Baby: Sarah Beth Keeley

Posted on the 10 February 2015 by Hendrik Pape @soundcheckblg
Somebody’s Baby: Sarah Beth Keeley

Compared to fellow Canadian artists like Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Terri Clark & Michelle Wright, Sarah Beth Keeley has been working the Canadian Country Music scene since before 2005. SBK (as her fans call her) comes from a musical family and calls Calgary home. She's been winning awards and releasing albums with regularity and this year she's hit the big time with her single, 'Somebody's Baby' in the UK. She's taken the top spot on CM&T, the UK's only video channel. We had a few questions for SBK and she had a few answers for us.

SC: What's the last thing you listened to and what platform was it on?

Somebody’s Baby: Sarah Beth Keeley

SBK: The last thing I listened to is the Sting Anthology and Amy Winehouse and on an iPod. Although I am a Country Rock artist, I am also a fan of many genres of music and admire all great artists, songwriters and musicians.

SC: Women in Country, do you think this is the year the ladies break the top 10?

SBK: This is an important topic to me, actually. I was asked this question several times during a radio tour here in Canada a year and a half ago. At that time I felt as though we would start seeing a turn around. Sadly that has not happened yet and being that there are so many talented females not only do I wish to see this happen, I also see an evolution on an international level. In my humble opinion I think this will encourage fans worldwide to further recognize the talent there is and THIS could very well be the year us ladies "break" the top 10. I truly want to see this and even more, be a part of it.

SC: Do you think social media has made a difference in the way artists interact with their fans?

SBK: ABSOLUTELY I see social media as a major platform and have for many years. At one time it was the biggest marketing tool for independent artists, but has now become a way for ALL artists. Without it in this day and age, less labels & a saturated & independent industry, this provides the biggest vehicle with zero or next to no cost for marketing our music and brand.

SC: If you could pick any artist to sing a duet with who would it be and what song?

SBK: This is always a tough question and there are always so many that come to mind. If I have to choose, I would have to say Miranda Lambert. I admire her energy in a live performance and songwriting skills. On top of that, her tenacity. She remained true to who she is as an artist and although it took longer than some to be recognized for what her capabilities are, she proved herself and now sits on top. This is how I have always thought when it comes to my music and style. I would love for it to be any one of my songs. That would truly be an honour.

SC: I heard you had some pretty big news - tell us!

Somebody’s Baby: Sarah Beth Keeley

SBK: I am thrilled to have been the UK's first ever #1 International video on their only American video show CM & T ( Country Music and Travel channel) which airs several times a week on SKY TV. This has provided me the opportunity to solidify a growing fan base, which I have been watching grow over a number of years. I am proud to have been crowned with this honour as it is unprecedented on the International level on their channel and comes at a time when Country Music is fast growing overseas. I expect bigger things to happen and I am planning a UK tour for 2015. It is something that been a long time coming and a dream come true for me. I can't wait to get there to play my music live and meet my fans. I have always felt that my music would be well received there. I am the first Canadian born from British parents and it just feels right having many British influences in my songwriting.

I was also fortunate enough to be approached by the editor (Rob Davis) of the top UK country magazine " Up Country "! The Feb issue includes a 4 page article introducing me to the UK and the magazines 150,000 subscribers. This is a tough business, however, I have always believed great music and a passion to do what you love, believing in yourself, surrounding yourself with the best and hard work will soon pay off. We all have a different path and I truly feel I have now found the clearest one for me. Along with my amazing SBK Canadian team, I also have a great UK team on board and we are ALL excited for what looks to be a promising new chapter in my career!

Somebody’s Baby: Sarah Beth Keeley

SC: Is there anything else you want our readers to know?

SBK: Later this month my team and I will be doing some crowd funding to raise dollars to complete my forthcoming CD release "REACH" - any support will provide what I need to get this new music out to my fans. For those who donate to this cause, it will provide them (the fans) with my music as well as various merchandise items, including a limited SBK tour jacket (only my team will have) & even an exclusive, private concert for them and several of their friends/family.

I am currently holding my spot in the top & vying to keep my #1 spot on CM and T for a second month.

My cd will be out in 2015 and many things are on the horizon for overseas as well as Canada and the USA.

There is much more to come and I am excited to see what unfolds. STAY TUNED.....

Thanks to Sarah Beth for taking the time to answer our questions. We'll be sure to let you know when her crowdfunding campaign goes live.

To check out SBK's video on CM & T follow this link.

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Instagram - @sarahbethkeeley
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