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Some Songs Feel So Like Hope

By Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

Some songs

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It was past mid-night. And I was still sitting at my computer and working. And feeling tired and grumpy by each passing minute. And then I saw my phone.

‘Maybe I should put on some music,’ I thought.

‘No,’ another thought countered. ‘I’m already bored of all the songs in my phone.

‘Radio? FM?’ Some quick suggestions followed. And I decided to give the FM channels a try.

The good thing is that late at night is the perfect time for a person like me to listen to the radio. One, there are very few commercial breaks at night. And two, most of the channels air old songs at this time. And those are exactly the kind of songs that I love.

And so I switched on the radio of my mobile. The very first song made me feel happy again. Such is the magic of music. Music can cure any foul mood, I think. Yes, music can revive a tired spirit, and give courage again to a waning hope. Maybe that’s why music is so important even in battles!

But I think we don’t love songs just because they have beautiful poetry. But we love those songs in which we hear the echo of our own feelings, apparent or hidden, present or past. The reflection of our past especially in any song that we hear makes it dearer to us. Maybe that’s why people so fondly hold on to songs of years long gone by. Because in their ethereal fabric has forever become entrenched our past joys, our past thrills, our desires, our wishes, our dreams, our love, our happiness…and hopes!

Some songs feel so like hope , not because of their lyrics, but because they belong to our years that were led on by hopes, not tossed about by fears.

And it was just such a song that inspired this quick post


Copyright: 2013 Jyoti Arora

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