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Some of the Industries Under INR 25.00 Lakh

Posted on the 19 January 2011 by Epmworld @EPMWORLD_HYD
  • Experience of the promoter in the line
  • Availability of expertise at the promoter’s reach
  • Business gestation time i.e. time it would require to start commercial operations
  • Proposed place of business and its relevance in the geography
  • Required Investment
  • Required rate of return
  • Market scope and capabilities to market the product or service
  • Government support (Loan /subsidy / Incentives / Tech support / Marketing support)
  • Opportunity to grow and expand
  • Competitor’s performance
  • Market sensitivities with respect to pricing, technology, grade and quality.
  • Commercial viability

Notwithstanding the above, I have compiled the list of some industries within the scope of INR 25.00 lakhs around.

Investment INR 25.00 lakh

Small Scale Industry

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Some of the industries under INR 25.00 lakh
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Some of the industries under INR 25.00 lakh
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Some of the industries under INR 25.00 lakh
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