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Posted on the 19 March 2011 by Epmworld @EPMWORLD_HYD

I would be happy to discuss on any of the thoughts,  should someone like me to elaborate further.

Tweets from @EPMWORLD_HYD

The World Sparrow Day - 'Chirp for the sparrow! Tweet for the sparrow!'

  1. An entrepreneur who feels ‘why should I contribute to CSR’  should also remind himself that it is the society, which gives him business.
  2. Business relations will always flourish on the clarity and fulfillment of   business terms.
  3. An entrepreneur should weave his dreams taking stakeholders as threads.  There is nothing beyond stakeholders in business.
  4. Legitimacy, transparency, stakeholder aspirations, and CSR should drive any business.  Not profits alone.
  5. Business entry is a moral commitment to society (which provide us business) that we are going to draw business legitimately.
  6. An entrepreneur once he announces his enterprise is accountable to his stakeholders.  Growth, failure, and exit all matters to them
  7. Many entrepreneurs make a big mistake. Not having proper documentation like Project Plan, methodologies, financial reports, & even profile.
  8. An entrepreneur should begin his morning with serene thoughts.
  9. Self-employed individual should know his / her professional strength without laying hand on everything.
  10. An egocentric start-up owner would gradually loose his stakeholders’ patronage.
  11. Major thrust of any CSR program should be empowerment than constant handhold.
  12. Money is like blood to an enterprise and team is like the nervous system. Thus, a healthy and vibrant team is vital any time.
  13. We don’t board a flight without knowing the destination. Similarly start-ups should know brand direction and destination.
  14. Business plan is cardinal for any start-up.  But more vital is its true implementation.
  15. Keep watching the children playing in their own world. It is also a kind of meditation and yoga.
  16. The promoter and his team should drive the business with confidence. Otherwise they loose the confidence of stakeholders.
  17. We need to inculcate accountability in an employee. May be induction process should evaluate this trait in a more analytical way.
  18. Reading our inner self is important before we read others mind. It informs us what we need to know about others. Again with no prejudice.
  19. We need universities who exclusively develop faculty in all major disciplines, before the matured intellectuals disappear.
  20. Afforestation is important to our sustenance. Similarly planting the seeds of leadership in the younger minds is very important.
  21. Good communication is branding.  Soft tone, tender words and quality talk create better image than a marathon speech.
  22. Branding has a seed at every communication we make with our stakeholders.  Bad seed.  Bad brand.  Good seed.  Good brand.
  23. Money is a very important resource for entrepreneurship. But right team is an indispensable resource without which investment goes waste.
  24. Promoters should maintain consistent momentum to succeed in business.  Some start-up ventures face threat due to weaning interest in promoters.
  25. Small Entrepreneurs and Farmers are two eyes to India.  Surprisingly, they are the most neglected lot in India.
  26. We need engineers, scientists, mathematicians and leaders. Not graduates.
  27. Self-employment or business is like swimming in the ocean. Planning and luck takes you to treasure. Otherwise, to sharks.
  28. Idea incubation can help in regional development.
  29. I don’t see any business, which can’t be evolved into an online model.
  30. Every housewife can attain financial independence through technology exploitation and online business model.
  31. An analysis says – an average Indian in 2020 will be only 29 yrs old. It is high time to instill leadership abilities from high school level.
  32. Gujarat is a shining example. Salute to the true leader Modiji
  33. Many start-ups fail owing to poor marketing.  Produce just lie in the warehouse.  They end up in bleeding finances.  Start-ups need greater planning.

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