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Some Easy Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Hard-to-buy for Dad!

By Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer

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It’s Father’s Day next weekend and I don’t know what you organize for the Dads in your life, but the MOTH and my own father-dearest are bloody near impossible to buy for. Every gift-giving occasion creates a bit of a headache when it comes to these two and while YES, I know the point of Father’s Day is to make him feel special about his family role, in many homes there still is the tradition of a gift to unwrap.

I know that the MOTH would dearly love a new Landcruiser for Father’s Day, but hey, it just ‘aint going to happen. Something within an appropriate price range will just have to do. So, with thinking cap on, here are 10 ideas that you can dash out and grab – or get busy and organize – for Dad to feel special this Father’s Day!

1. An adventure experience! Is your Dad a thrillseeker? Sites like Red Balloon offer heaps of action-packed experiences. If you are looking for an experience that is more economical, how about organising a hike or vigorous bushwalk with your Dad, complete with food hamper to enjoy during the day.

2. Give Dad a nicely framed up-to-date family photo for his desk at the office. Tell him that he should be honoured to look upon his loved ones all day


3. Create a voucher for Dad which he can exchange for one or more of the following chores: car wash, lawn mow, etc

4. Summer is not too far away, so personalise a beach pack for Dad – floppy hat, sunscreen, new pair of boardies, beach towel etc

5. I know that there are many Dads out there with a sweet tooth. You should be able to find quite an attractive large (huuuge is best) glass jar at the discount shop and choc it full of your Pop’s favorite sweet treats.

6. A blokey magazine subscription – there are so many magazines out there – there’s bound to be a topic that interests Dad – boating, camping, fishing, computers, investing, renovating etc, the choice is almost endless

7. Does Dad’s toolbox need topping up with an assortment of nails, screws, washers etc? Are there bits and pieces that he always runs out of? Time then for a toolbox top up!

8. There are a couple of TV shows that the MOTH really enjoys and I bet there are some that your man Dad loves too. DVD collections of TV shows are now quite reasonably priced and will provide hours of entertainment (Oh, it’s much better if it’s something that you like also!!)

9. A ticket to a sporting event is something that most Dads would enjoy. Get a pair so he can take one of the kids, or you, or his best bromance buddy along.

10. Socks, jocks and a pair of slippers – boring, predictable, stereotypical but a firm family favorite

Left last on the list in case you’ve reached here in sheer desperation!!

This Father’s Day the MOTH will be on his own with Baby Girl – I shall be here – and so for the first time in years I’m on top of my game, organised, done and only have to giftwrap the jocks


How do you celebrate Father’s Day in your household? However it is done at your place, I hope it will be a great one!

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