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Posted on the 24 May 2012 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

A few days ago, Microsoft launched its new social network Although in some ways, it has come late in the social market dominated by Facebook.

First tested by American students, (pronounced social) opened to the public a few days ago. If it resembles in many respects to Facebook or Google +, it offers some different features.

To start, the links between users are created from a theme, which is reminiscent Pinterest. Simply type a focus in the search bar, proposed by Bing, to appear on the same screen. For convenience, the search bar and the bar to post the message, just click on an icon to change modes. With this principle, the system of relationships between people is closer to that developed in Twitter, with people whom you follow the news (following) and people who follow our own (follower).

The interface and design: It is closer to that of Google+ and Facebook. The information is collected as a stream. It is possible to follow an overall flow or only the people followed. In terms of the creation account, is less exclusive than the other two social networks. Indeed, to connect you can use a Windows Live – formerly Hotmail – or your Facebook account. In the latter case your Facebook privacy policy will be applied to the Otherwise, the rules of confidentiality are not very clear; it seems that any shared content is visible to everyone. We are far from the interface of circles rather clear and instinctive launched by Google +. Another major difference is in fact the relationship between users, there is no cat on the main page of Development from Microsoft might have been hoped a reconciliation with MSN Messenger.

However, incorporates some nice features, like sharing a bar on the right edge of the screen, which simply drop content to share. But the big news is the concept of video parts. in, you can watch a video and comment live with other people watching them. A principle borrowed from the Xbox Live and the ability to watch content with friends / avatars in a virtual salon.

A bit away from Facebook or Google +, put much on the side focus rather than the creation of bonds of friendship, in this he is closer to Google +. However it is not yet sure that it happens to prevail in a market where Facebook is king.

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