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Social Media: 5 Tactics We Use To Get Attention on Facebook

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Social Media: 5 Tactics We Use To Get Attention on FacebookFrom my understanding Facebook was created as a way for people to connect, reconnect, and communicate with the world. However, it has taken on a new addictive form that requires 2 things a bag of freshly popped popcorn and a bottle of wine. Who knew social media could be so entertaining! In the world of dating and relationships, Facebook has become a way to seek out the attention of your significant other by using tips and techniques that I‘ve picked up on as Facebook became more and more popular. Let’s set the scenario, you and the boo have a fight or some form of disagreement; Instead of working your problems out in a face to face conversation, you begin a 5 step process that I like to call F.I.R.M Facebook interactive Relationship Management.


From Plural to Singular

Nothing grabs attention like a status change that your partner wasn’t aware of. In a blink of an eye someone’s status changes from in a relationship to single. Hey, weren’t you madly in love yesterday? Everybody see’s this change including your ex-boo (well at least for the moment) Some people may comment and say “what happened” or in some cases I’ve seen people say “welcome to my world” but in reality, it’s generally temporary until one or the other cools off. Just like clockwork, 24-48 hours later the status has been changed back to “in a relationship”.

Inactive to Active

Relationships are often time consuming but in a good way. You really don’t have time to be on Facebook checking up on people, playing games, being nosey, or whatever else it is people do. You’re too wrapped up in your honey bunny to actively participate in social media. Now you and sweetie pie have an argument and all of a sudden you become the social media guru. You post a new status every hour; you’re posting videos, challenging people at Words with Friends, and playing Angry Birds. Facebook becomes your favorite past time since you two are currently at odds.

The Indirect Status

This is my absolute favorite because I find it totally amusing. This is when you post that status that specifically relates to your boo but it’s done in an indirect way. You post a status that reads “People think they slick, but you’re not getting over on me” or “People need to step up to plate and do what they say”. And because you took the time to change your status to single before posting this, we all know who you’re talking about.

I’m a Top Commenter

Part of the inactive to active stage that I described above is becoming a top commenter. There’s nothing wrong with commenting on a person’s status, but this process requires you to actively seek out specific people to comment on. Why? Because we all know that when you comment or like a picture everyone knows. I have a friend on Facebook who I attended High School with who suddenly re-emerged on Facebook after being inactive for awhile. All of a sudden every picture I posted received a comment from him “you’re too sexy”, “you look damn good” etc. Yes, he could’ve really meant those things but ironically he was in a dispute with his girlfriend at the time. Yours truly was being used so he could get attention from his girlfriend. After a week, he was back to being inactive.

I’m Gone like the Wind

Your absence from Facebook could work 2 ways. Either you got a clingy jealous boo who don’t want you on Facebook or either you’ve made up so now you’re basically absent from Facebook all together. Your time and posting has become limited because after all, you’ve gotten the attention you wanted so now it time to make up.

On a personal note and speaking strictly from my point of view, I prefer to keep my matters of the heart personal. I’m a direct in your face type of person, so I encourage one on one communication instead of a bunch of tactics on social media to gain attention. In reality, all it does is let a bunch of nosey people know that you’re having relationship problems. Then there’s people like me who get on Facebook with a glass of wine and some freshly popped popcorn shaking my head at all of these people airing their dirty laundry for people who don’t need to know your business. Recent studies show that Facebook is becoming the number one cause of relationship problems. I don’t think Facebook is the problem; people simply don’t know how to use it properly.

As I once read, face your problems don’t Facebook them

Have you ever shared too much on social media?

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