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Soap and Glory "Glad Hair Day" Shampoo

By Fashionmakeupandbeauty @_melissajayne

Hey everyone!, Review time on this fine product Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo. I got this for christmas this year of my friend, she knows i have been wanting to try this for the longest time! so you can guess how excited i was to open this. I know, I know lame excited about shampoo but hey!So on with the review!First thoughts when using the product was that it felt almost like a gel substance very weird and a little sticky to handle also but on the other hand it didn't just slip of your hand or hair when you tried to rub it in to your hair which was a pro. Also it made my hair feel lush! and actually felt clean unlike others i have tried in the past! so this would get a 4/5 from me.
Now for the con i found.Only one but I don't know if it was just me but once i had used this for about 2/3 weeks my head really started to itch! puzzled me at first i just brushed it off with me putting my hair up all the time but it continued for a week while using the shampoo, so i decided to change it up. I went and bought my favorite ever shampoo Aussie. I started using that and from then on the itching stopped! over all the product says it is not ment to build up on the hair/scalp, i think it does! this it what made it an uncomfortable time for my poor hair :(. Id give this part a 1/5!
Over all the shampoo is good but i wouldn't suggest it for everyday use maybe swap it up with another shampoo throughout the week or use this for a good cleaning shampoo every so often.
Has anyone else found anything happen with this shampoo would love to know! 
Much Love!

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