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How i Store My Lush Products.

By Fashionmakeupandbeauty @_melissajayne

How i store my lush products.
On my recent shopping trip to Leeds it was just necessary to make a stop at lush. As the smells of all the different products that drift out of the door as you walk past it just pulls you in and who isn't willing to follow?!. I decided to pick up some bath time goodies i just couldn't resist. They always amaze me at the ideas they come up with for new products i can honesty browse around the shop for about an hour but id just look abit weird.
My one little niggle with lush is the packaging i love how they use recyclable paper bags but i find my products when stored go abit weird. Because im more of a shower person it takes me about two months to use these products. Also i know if you order off the lush website they some in a somewhat vacuum packed package which i think is just perfect.
However on with how i store my lush products. I always like to when i get home is have a good look and smell of the products there always abit different out of the shop and once you open that paper bag you just cant get it to stick right again so when i was last at Ikea i picked up some plastic food bags, of course you could use regular food bags as well. The Ikea food bags have two sets of seals to close it so i feel like im double safe with keeping moisture out unlike with a regular food bags with a single seal if there's a little sneaky gap. This is just my personal opinion. I then like to use that pesky little stickers and stick it to the bag and then just pop your lush in the bag its good you can also see what's in the bag and seal away . And i then store in my favorite box in the bathroom.
 I find i can also reuse the bags after just remove the sticker, give it a rinse and leave to dry.
How i store my lush products.
How i store my lush products.
How do you store your lush products and what's your favorite lush product?

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