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So You Want to Learn to Surf?

By Cleverbuttons @cleverbuttons

Hi All,

Surfing is one of my favorite sports, it is pure freedom, great exercise and ultimately FUN! The only requirements to learn to surf is the ability to swim, obviously, but apart fro this you don’t have to be a certain size, fitness level or sex to try it out. That is why surfing is so perfect – it is literally inclusive of all!

Now if you are serious about learning to surf, then you are going to need two items – neither of which are particularly cheap, but necessary – a wet suit and a killer board! One of the most common mistakes made when you start out into the surf community is choosing the wrong board, there are many reasons why you need to be careful when picking your first one, falling off hurts, they are expensive and numerous safety issues.

vintage surfing

So to help you out, here are some of the best beginners boards and why they are the perfect choice, whatever your surf style.

Firstly you need to choose by your weight. For short boards, you will need to weigh less than 200lbs, this comes down to your turning ability and paddling out. The more you weigh, the longer the board needs to be. Surfing all comes down to weight distribution in order to balance, so pick wisely.

Look at where you are surfing

Ok, in the UK, we re not going to get those massive waves seen in Hawaii or South Africa, so you will need a board that represents the wave type. In the UK, where 2-5 meters is the general wave height, long boards or fishy boards are the best for a smooth ride, where as if you live in an area with big swells, short boards are far nippier to tackle bowls.

This will also work in conjunction with how fit you are from the get go. If you are an avid skateboarder or similar sport, then you will have no problem get stuck right in. However, not many of us are and as surfing requires us to be agile and physically extremely strong, you need to start off in the shallows, which will again have an impact on your board choice.


Once you have an answer to each of these questions you can start shopping – the fun bit!

Here are 3 of my favorites – they are also all foam, which is a great choice when starting out.

Osprey OSX 6 foot Foam Beginners Board

surf board

The best thing about this board is the soft cushioning when you fall – and you will fall a lot trust me! This board is extra buoyant, making it the perfect choice for testing out standing up on smaller waves. It comes with 3 attachable fins if they are needed and an ankle leash for safety.

Bic Wahine Malibu surfboard 7 foot 9″

womens surf

I love this board, it is perfect for beginners and experienced surfers alike, making the price a lot easier to swallow. Plus it’s pink! This board is easy to ride due to the materials used and the fact that it is a shorter board. Ultra durable, unless you hit a reef which is not advised, this board should see you through many seasons.

Vision 8 Soft Surf Board – 8 Foot

adult surf

This is the one board that will suit adults and children alike (depending on weight) It is built from a mixture of plastic and foam, making it less likely to break and extra buoyant so that you can catch waves straight away. Again, this board comes with an ankle leash and fins, to help with balance and keep you safe on the waves.

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