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Remembering the Little Things

By Cleverbuttons @cleverbuttons

Hello, it’s Emma again!

Today I’m having a bad day, my body is aching all over and my IBS has been flaring up over the past few days which (amongst other things that we don’t have to mention, haha) means that I’m KNACKERED.

But, instead of focusing on the bad, today I wanted to share some things that I’ve been trying to do to make days like these a little bit brighter.

Listen to good music – this is probably one of the most crucial things for me. If I don’t listen to music I find it really hard to concentrate. I mainly listen to metal and hip hop/rap at work since it’s fast-paced and aggressive which makes it really easy to get in to the sometimes repetative and quite menial tasks I have to do. I’ve been listening to a lot of Swedish music lately, so if you like foreign stuff you should check out Lillasyster, they are from Gothenburg and they are awesome  :)

Talk to a friend! – I do this a lot, sometimes things just overwhelm me and I need someone to put my mind straight and give me some kind words of support. I tend to make things a lot bigger than they are, so luckily I have some lovely people in my life that can talk some sense in me!

Make your workplace inspiring – I work in quite a crowded office which is not the most suitable place to be when you’re not feeling well. Since I spend so much time here I decided last year to make my desk more ”homely”, this is how:

You already know that I love cats. A couple of years ago I made my boyfriend buy me a Chinese ”waving cat” after a few cocktails in town and I decided to put him on my desk at work. Best decision ever, he’s so cute and reminds me that cats actually exist, so the world can’t be all bad!

I got myself some desk plants. I currently have five plants, four succulents and one cactus. Having plants on my desk make such a massive difference to my mood, they are green and pretty and alive and they make me happy. Succulents and cacti are really good to keep at work since they don’t need a lot of sun, plus, you only need to water them about once a month.

In addition to the cat and the plants I’ve got: a Lisa Simpson Lego figure, a Centurion Lego figure riding a Lego horse, a tiny, fluffy chicken, some stickers and a fluffy cuddly sheep. These are just random bits that I’ve been given/bought over the past few years, they’ve made their way on to my desk and that’s where they’ll stay.

Make plans to do something for yourself – I tend to go for the short-term plans and think about what to do the same day. My plans for this evening is to go home, sit on my sofa with my cat and play Zelda with by boyfriend on our new WiiU. Sometimes the best thing to do is pretty much nothing at all. I tend to relax by reading, watching TV or playing video games. I crochet sometimes but I’m a beginner, so for now it’s been mainly granny squares. I do want to learn more complicated stuff so hopefully I can show you!

Last and probably the hardest and most important one:

Don’t take your frustrations out on yourself: Whatever is the matter, remember that you are wonderful and important and that you deserve happiness. Take a deep breath.

If you have any tips or thoughts about this I’d love to know!  We are getting our Facebook page up and running very shortly so please follow us and get involved!

Keep being awesome,
Emma xx

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