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So Many Class Parties

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

This is the first time, in my whole 6 years of college that I’ve had a class party at the end of a quarter, and I didn’t even get just 1.

i got 3!

Perfect celebration for my last quarter of college.

It was crazy! By the time I had a break to get some “real” food I had eaten a Tahoe cookie from Pepperidge Farm, a homemade vegan cookie, two brownie bites and two macaroons from Whole Foods, and a few pretzel m&m’s! My body was craving something not sugary for balance.


Lucky for me I had a 1 hour break between classes and I was right by the Slug. A student market on campus. I ordered a turkey sandwich on sourdough with no mayo.

photo (7)

The weather was so nice I could sit outside. My sandwich was toasted

Open-mouthed smile
with turkey, lettuce, spice brown mustard, cucumbers, red onion and tomato.


I made the best, quickest dinner EVER!


Tomato and Basil soup with a grilled cheese.  I dipped it and everything.



My grilled cheese was on a whole wheat sandwich thin with two slices of colby jack cheese.

Let the countdown begin!

I’m going to be completely done with everything by Tuesday, but graduation isn’t until next Saturday.

So by Tuesday (that’s 4 days!)…

  • write 1 more paper- 15-20pgs
    • the plan: 5gs today, 5pgs tomorrow, and finish on Saturday!
  • do 1 study guide to use during my final on Tuesday
  • take one final on Tuesday at 12:00pm
  • turn in my paper in the porter office
  • pick up my cap and gown and parking permits for graduation
    • only after everything is turned in!!! I think it’s so much more romantic that way
      Winking smile
  • then just enjoy life until Saturday!!!

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