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Sneak Peaks: An Introduction to the Mountains of Alicante

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
Sneak Peaks: An Introduction to the Mountains of Alicante From the northern Catabrian Range that merges east with the Pyrenees, the Sierra de Guadarrama north of Madrid, to the Sierra Morena range and the Cordillera Penibética along the south coast of Andalusia, Spain has vast and varied mountain areas. The result is a paradise for hikers and walkers who are in search of a diverse landscape they can explore all year long.
From seven-day pilgrimages and winter rock climbing, to shorter and calmer nature-filled walks, Spain offers a path for everyone. And what better way to explore the country’s different cultures and landscapes than by walking through the varying regions.
No need to fret beginners! If you’re not an experienced hiker or trekker, many hike-friendly areas have been converted into natural parks in the past few decades and the result is a comprehensive network of well-signed hiking routes—from beginner to expert—that are clearly marked in most of the main trekking and hiking areas.

Climate Control

The climate in Spain is extremely varied and where the northern areas can be wet and snowy during the winter months, the central part of Spain has hot and cold extremes depending on the time of year. The coastal areas are milder during the cooler months but summer temperatures can still reach extreme highs making for an uncomfortable journey by foot. Beware of when you’re planning your trek and keep the conditions in mind.
Starting Point
Sneak Peaks: An Introduction to the Mountains of Alicante
Since there are hiking and trekking opportunities throughout the country, any of the main Spain flights will get you started on your journey. There is a lot to choose from and depending on your level and the time of year, weigh your options carefully and go from there when choosing where to hike and trek.
The Peaks of Alicante
If you’re in search of an unspoilt area rarely overrun with tourists, look no further than the mountains of Alicante (a.k.a. La muntanya d’Alacant). Located between the cities of Valencia in the north and Alicante to the south and less than an hour inland from the Costa Blanca, the mountains remain mostly undiscovered by hikers and walkers because of the nearby coastal tourism.
Although modest in height, they offer a varied terrain for both hikers and walkers—more than 650 km of approved trails—and a mix of scenery from peaks to valleys, ravines to ridges. The most central of the mountains are the Alfaro and the Serella and limestone peaks rule the landscape. The mild and sunny climate is ideal for fair-weather walkers and nature-lovers will delight in plenty of rare flora and fauna along the way.
Whether you opt for a weeklong walking holiday in the area or, just need a short escape from the buzz of the coastal resorts on Costa Blanca, life is slower and calmer in the mountains. And since the area is also rich with history, this is a holiday that will engage and excite both the mind and the body.

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