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Smoother Skin, Naturally: Aura Vedic Sandal Turmeric Skin Polish

By Beautyandthecheap @beautynthecheap
I have to say, I am very shamelessly horrible to myself in the makeup and skincare department, also in the food department (Mmmm.. Bacon...) but that's a different story. I never bother checking products to see whether they have ingredients like parabens or mineral oil or whatever it is that scientists are saying is bad for  me. As long as it doesn't give me an allergic reaction, and it works, I use it!
I know, I know, that's bad, a lot of you out there DO actually care about these things and are probably cringing at my lack of self preservation. .__.
So here was a product, Auravedic's Sandal Turmeric Skin Polish: no parabens, no SLS and no harmful chemicals. I decided I would be nice to myself and give it a shot! Boy, I was glad I did! This is one of those products that has proved to me that ayurvedic and natural products can be just as if not more effective than chemical ones.Thank you Auravedic for giving me a chance to try this out! 
Smoother Skin, Naturally: Aura Vedic Sandal Turmeric Skin Polish
About Auravedic:From the Earth to your Skin 100% PureWith every Auravedic product, you are getting years of knowledge in nature and research, following the principles of Ayurveda.We select each and every ingredient for their individual properties to create the best product for you.Come experience 100% purity with Auravedic.(Taken from Auravedic's website)
Description:Turmeric blended with red sandal and jojoba beads helps improve overall skin with age spots, hyper pigmentation, uneven skin tone and sun discolouration.
Price:Rs. 180 for 50g
Packaging:I'm not a great fan of the material the packaging is made of. It's that hard kind of plastic that is really brittle. I've used Fab India products with the same packaging and the lids always break. :( One good thing though is the plastic inner lid that stops it all spilling out.The graphics and colours are really pretty, I love the earthiness of the colours. ^_^
Smoother Skin, Naturally: Aura Vedic Sandal Turmeric Skin Polish
Ingredients:Smoother Skin, Naturally: Aura Vedic Sandal Turmeric Skin Polish
Smell and Texture:The color of the polish is an orange-pink, I was half expecting yellow because of the turmeric in it. The smell is strongly that of Sandalwood. You might like it, you might not. I have problems with it only because my grandmother has made me use so many varieties of sandalwood soap, I've become averse to the smell. Luckily once washed off the smell doesn't last.
Since it's a polish, it has a scrub texture, it reminds me of the apricot scrub that is so popular with women. This could actually be a great alternative to that!
Smoother Skin, Naturally: Aura Vedic Sandal Turmeric Skin Polish
How to Use:Easy peasy! Take some into your hand rub it into your dry skin, I like using it on my face, I don't know if it okay for facial use but I had no issues with it except a slight tingle. I also use it on my elbows and knees, where the skin is rough. Then you let it sit for a couple of minutes and wipe it off with cotton. I prefer washing it off because it's a bit heavy for my oily skin with just wiping.
Effectiveness:The Sandal Turmeric skin polish is awesome! I've had my skin look brighter this past month, using it every couple of days. It makes a great scrub for blackheads and the immediate results are good too. My pores look smaller and I feel clean but my skin isn't stretchy, which is awesome because this weather has made it really awkward, sometimes really dry, sometimes oily and facewash makes it really stretchy.I feel like my skin is much softer and brighter using this.

Smoother Skin, Naturally: Aura Vedic Sandal Turmeric Skin Polish

Immediate effects: Smaller pores, brighter skin, dark circle area looks looks less discoloured

What else is the turmeric factor doesn't make you look all yellow! Woot! Plus it's all natural, so no scary ingredients!I think this is a great product for anyone, if you have dry skin, just wipe it off, if you have oily skin, wash it off! Just be careful if you have inflammation or acne, just because I wouldn't use a scrub on skin like that. .__.
So, will you be trying out Auravedic products? You can find them on numerous online stores! ^_^Do you care about what goes into your makeup and skincare? Let me know!Thanks for reading.
Product sent for review, my opinion is completely honest and my own.

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