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Smooch Cosmetics Lipsticks

By Iheartmexo @iheartmexoxo
Hello guys :)
Lipsticks. Who doesn't like them? Even if you don't use them, don't they just look pretty?!
That's how my addiction started if you ask me. And the new additions to that collection are some beautiful lipsticks by Smooch Cosmetics.
I have heard about them and read reviews on Smooch Cosmetics quite a few times and was always very intrigued about them. They just look so pretty! The concept for Smooch Cosmetics actually came from a drawer of lingerie! Quite interesting and very unique! I have a little review today of 2 beautiful lipsticks by Smooch*.
Smooch Cosmetics LipsticksSmooch Cosmetics LipsticksSmooch Cosmetics LipsticksSmooch Cosmetics LipsticksSmooch Cosmetics LipsticksSmooch Cosmetics LipsticksSmooch Cosmetics Lipsticks

I have two colours, Sweet Tooth and Rocking red. Sweet tooth is a very pretty natural pink color. It's very sheer and gives my lips a natural tint to it instead of full on color. Even for a sheer lipstick the pigmentation is lovely. The name sweet tooth define the color really well!

Rocking red also describes the color very well. This is a bright red color (summer perfect) that has gorgeous pigmentation. It's so vibrant and has a glossy finish to it.
Staying power of these lipsticks is really nice. The color payoff is gorgeous and they look really lovely on as well. These are also very moisturising which I think is a great thing in a lipstick because your lips can get dry.
I also quite adore the packaging of these lipsticks! The box and the tube are both very cute and defines the brand really well. The lace print is just lovely! The lipsticks retail at £7.50 and there are 12 colours to choose from. You can view the gorgeous range here!

Have you tried Smooch Cosmetics lipsticks before?

Which is your favourite?
Hareem x
PS. Just saw a great deal on their site! If you spend £15 you get a free bronzer worth £13.95! 

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