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Smart Tips To Consider For Getting More Out Of Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Posted on the 07 December 2013 by Adeyemiadisa @adeyemiadisa

Smart Tips To Consider For Getting More Out Of Your Content Marketing CampaignsContent Marketing as well as content promotion works similarly.

The big idea is to be able to get people to consume/read your content because there is no point in creating content if there is no consumption for it.

Therefore, to encourage the consumption of your content, the content itself will have to be promoted either to the list of contacts in your database or through Social Media.

By doing this, at least you are sure of reaching regular customers/readers as well as the potential ones.

So Why Content Marketing?

Simply put, Content Marketing is a marketing technique that involves creating and sharing media and publishing content for the purpose of acquiring customers.

In order word, Content Marketing could involve custom publishing, custom media, customer media, customer publishing, member media, private media, branded content, corporate media, corporate publishing, corporate journalism and branded media.

Content Marketing strategy born out of the belief that if businesses deliver relevant and valuable content consistently to buyers, the business will as a result benefit from the customers loyalty.

So with Content Marketing, you are keeping your customers and prospects informed without necessarily asking them to buy. It’s like an indirect marketing where instead of selling your products or services directly, you are delivering information that makes your customers and prospects more intelligent.

Getting More Out Of Your Content Marketing Campaign

So how do you get your content to your customers and prospects? For Content Marketing to successfully reach the people that matter, promotional channels such as email campaigns, events and social media have to be considered and successfully explored.

This can also be done through paid promotions such as content syndication, Google Adwords or other paid search marketing, email sponsorships, newsletter sponsorships and more.

Promotion is key to the success of your content campaign because if others do not read what your organization has created, it will not promote company success.

#1). Make use of Social Media

Social Media offers an avenue for you to get your content marketing campaign to a millions of people. But remember, social media is more than Twitter.

Therefore, make use of a variety of social media sites to spread information about your content including other microblogging sites, blogs, social networks (LinkedIn and Facebook), bookmarking sites (Delicious), news sharing sites (Digg, Sphinn) and more.

#2). Get your content to people that matter

If you are very serious about get more out of your content marketing campaign, then you need to ensure that your campaign reaches the right people. Who are are the people that matter?

Bloggers, press, analysts and other influencers are the people that matter. They should know about your content so they can share it with their followers via social media, blog posts and more.

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