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Smart Girls Guide to Flirting Whilst Travelling RTW

By Smartgirltravel @SmartGirlTravel

When single ladies leave their home turf, they can expect to attract a lot of attention from the local lads, but the tricky part can be attracting the right kind of attention. Whether you are Staying in a hotel in Berlin or a hostel in Bangkok, Here are some tips for a successful travel traveling romance.


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Appropriate Accommodations

One of the most obvious ways to get the “lay of the land” in a new location is to stay at a reputable, age-appropriate hostel or hotel that has cozy common areas where you can hang out to check out fellow travelers, get advice from other single ladies regarding the overall attitude of the local male population and find out if there any sketchy parts of town that you should avoid. Many of the upscale hostels & hotels offer travel desks where you can sign up for free walking or bicycle tours so you can enjoy the company of a group while you get to know the local dating environment.

Body Language

How you carry yourself is a big factor in attracting, or repelling, advances from potential love interests. A timid posture tends to invite womanizers and bullies whereas an overly regal bearing can dissuade even the most interested suitors from even approaching you. Therefore, you want to project an attitude of an easily approachable yet world-wise lady by “mirroring” the body language of gentlemen who attract your fancy (lingering eye contact, flirtatious smiles and head-to-toe sweeps) while gently rebuffing unwanted attention by folding your arms, moving out of their personal space and avoiding their direct gaze.

Breaking the Ice

Once you have identified a likely romantic candidate, you can test the waters by approaching them with a simple, non-committal request like “Will you take my picture? I really want to remember this moment.” This way you can have their undivided attention to determine their intent and decide if the attraction is mutual. If your target exhibits the proper interest, you can easily start a conversation about photographing local landmarks and such. With any luck at all, you’ll find your new friend eagerly invites you to team up and explore other interesting settings where he would like to take your picture.

Google is your Friend

Before taking off with your new buddy, you can playfully pull out your phone and suggest that you do a Google search on each other. The simple request can assure you that they are really who they say they are and not just saying what they think you want to hear. Since almost everyone has some kind of Internet presence these days, it’s a relatively simple task to confirm their story and allow them to learn a little more about you before letting them lead you out of your comfort zone. If they object to this playful interaction, you should probably reconsider their invitation.


If you find yourself wanting to have some intimate time with a new friend, be very wary of accepting an invitation to their home as this can put you in a precarious position if they turnout not be as worthy as you assumed. If you have a single hotel room, you can invite them to join you there or if you’re in a dorm where intimacy would be tedious, suggest renting a private room at the hostel where you are staying so you can have the comfort of knowing if anything does go wrong, the staff will have your best interest at heart since you are their guest.


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