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SLR Vs Point and Shoot - Photo Quiz #4

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
SLR vs Point and Shoot - Photo Quiz #4The third week's SRL vs Point and Shoot Quiz is now finished, and those who participate all got that round right! (Hover over the photo for the answer).  We are nearing the end of this fun little game, and it is time for Quiz #4!
About the Quiz
The big debate in travel photography is what kind of equipment is necessary to get the best pictures of the world around us. Some people swear by SLRs and others are perfectly happy with a far cheaper point and shoot camera. The trick is in knowing how to use it. A $1,000 camera will only get slightly better photos than its $200 point and shoot counterpart if you do not know how to use it. Likewise, a $200 point and shoot camera is capable of producing some amazingly beautiful shots if you only take the time to learn it's tricks and secrets.
I have both, and while I am incredibly in love with the quality of the images an SLR produces, I get equally stunning photos on the point and shoots as well. Some of them are so good that I suspect that most of you won't be able to tell the difference, hence this new weekly quiz.
For the next few weeks I'll post two photos that I have taken throughout my travels, one taken on an SLR and another on a point and shoot. The following week I'll reveal which photo was taken from each camera on our Facebook fan page and start the next quiz.
Photo Quiz #1 - Night Shots
Photo Quiz #2 - Macro Mode
Photo Quiz #3 - Sunsets
Quiz #4 - Portraits
Last week I compared two sunsets from the same destination but taken on two unique cameras.  This week I've decided to go a bit off my usual mark and go for something I am not accustomed to taking photos of on the road: portraits.  While the photos are from Thailand like the last round, this time they are of us!  Keep in mind that someone else did the photo taking for both of these images!  
Photo #1: Angie and Myself on an island off the coast of Krabi, Thailand
SLR vs Point and Shoot - Photo Quiz #4
Photo #2:  Overlooking Koh Phi Phi island, Thailand, shortly before I proposed to Angie (on the beach on the right at night)
SLR vs Point and Shoot - Photo Quiz #4
So, which do you think is from an SLR and which is from a Point and Shoot? Comment below and check next week to see if you are right and to try again with two new photos!

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