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Sleep Tight My Boy !

Posted on the 18 February 2015 by Rohit Sharma @rohitsharmacr

Every day when I put my son to sleep, then there are certain steps I follow. A good night sleep will give him enormous strength and energy. I and his mother have to ensure that, he is getting his sleep perfectly.

Me and my wife have different rituals which we perform when we put our baby to sleep. Now, I am gonna tell you what she and I do which result in a perfect sleep.

My Bedtime rituals for my kid:

When a person is not tired then it must be hard for them to sleep. Even in my case, when I am not completely exhausted then it becomes so hard for me to sleep.

So, what I am saying is this for a person to get a good sleep then he must be tired. Now I do the same thing to my kid. Don’t worry, I did not make him do any hard work. Instead of that I play with him. Every night, I spend more than 1 hour playing with him.

This activity benefits us both. For me, I got the time to spend with him. For him, it’s like an exercise with very much fun. It will help him physically and mentally as well.

After that, I put a knife under his pillow to save him from bad dreams. This was my grandmother’s idea. According to her, if you keep a knife under her pillow, then you will have safety from bad dreams.

This was my part of the ritual and now, I am gonna tell you what my wife do:

She is a great storyteller. Every night, she told a new story to our son. Now this required some work. To do this activity, she has to research for the stories, to know that whether they are appropriate or not.

After that, she buys books which contain appropriate stories for a kid. She did not recite the whole story, instead of that she tells the summary of the story in her own language.

So, she has to read the stories as well. Our son kind of like these stories. I always see him so excited, when he hear that, her mom is going to tell him a story.

After the story, my wife prepares a glass of milk with Bournvita in it for our son. Bournvita makes the taste of the milk better, but still my son hates milk. It becomes real messy when my son and my wife fights over the milk.

Now to complete the rituals we need to make sure that our son will get the perfect sleep. For that, my wife uses Pampers diapers which ensure us about our son’s sleep.

Pampers diapers use a good quality cloth and water absorbing technique, which make the sleep perfect.

So, as I say above there are many rituals or activity there we do before we put our babies to sleep.

These were our rituals, what are yours? Tell me in the comments.

Also, watch the video below:

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