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Generate Ideas and Make Money

Posted on the 04 April 2017 by Rohit Sharma @rohitsharmacr

Do you think that people are happy with the things they already possess? You are wrong. If it was true, there wouldn't be so much advertisement all around you. It's you to convince people buy your products and services. Let's use an old school way of generating new ideas.

Take a pencil and a piece of paper. Just close your eyes and think about nothing for a while. Open your eyes as soon as you start thinking. Write down every idea that comes to your mind, and don't ever think that they might be useless or just silly. If you want to make money, you should make a list containing at least 25 items.

When you are ready to sell your product, you should present it for the people, who can help you with this. We advise you to use free powerpoint templates for saving both money and time. You should sound and look convincing, so it's better to make a video recording of your presentation and try to notice all possible mistakes.

Start your presentation with indicating the problem that people may face in their lives. Ask them if they wish to find a solution and what ways they see. Don't worry if you hear the ideas that seem better than yours. Your task is to convince people that your idea is the best and the most suitable for them. You should list reasons and visualize them.

Calculate all the expenses

Do you want to manufacture a new product or it's just a service? The main mistake that many beginners make is thinking that they will cope with everything on their own. You should find at least a personal assistant for yourself. And you should start with calculating the expenses on salaries, taxes, marketing, delivery, etc.

You can use ready-made calculations or ask an expert to do this for you if you have never done this before. If you make such calculations, you can ask a bank for a loan. You can easily explain why you need the money and how you will give them back.

Generate ideas and make money

Sell it

Once you have calculated everything, it's time to do the main job. It's time to sell it. Use all means possible to communicate with your future buyers. You can use social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Or you can use email marketing.

Everything depends on the product you want to sell and the people that will buy it. Don't forget about offline tools as walking around your neighborhood and offering people to buy the sweetest cakes in the world. Good luck!

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