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Slaves of the Internet

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
The Internet is everywhere and everyone uses it in some way in there life. For work, shopping, research, procrastination... and the many other uses of the Internet we all use it in some way and it has become the cornerstone of modern day life and we all know everybody will never be able to live without it. 
We all know it will never be easy to just log on and check your emails because there are too many distractions like the emails sent by friends containing youtube videos of dogs, cats & just strange things ....
You log in to your workstation/ desktop pc/ laptop and nearly everybody logs on to facebook... why?.. we have become slaves to the social network and it is just silly, people need to realize that this is not a good habit. 
Starting reaserch for a project can be difficult and many people use websites like Youtube and Google to get started and this is ok but these websites are evil and procrastination will always follow your first few searches.
Many people will be in denial about being addicted to using the internet. Even when many people have spent hours watching videos and searching their own name on google when they could have been more productive away from the computer in the real world.   
Twitter is very popular and it is a great service to sign up to and to follow some funny comedians and great thinkers of the modern age but it still becomes another website in your bookmarks but well worth looking at.
At the end of the day we should not complain about the internet and we should embrace the future and live with the internet as a resource that is accessible to everybody and use the internet for improving life rather than just using the internet for minial tasks and wasting time.
We are always in control of our life and we can change how we think and work and everybody should be able to do anything they put there mind to and if the internet is a problem for people they have the power to change their ways they use it.    
You can always deactivate your accounts...
Thanks for reading.

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