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Skinny Bitch Brownies

By Coupleofidiots @coupleofidiots
Skinny bitch brownies#enjoymyface
I have recently become a contributor of a lovely society at University called HerCampus. I originally wrote this post for them, and you can find the original post over on the blog part of their website here: but I thought you might like it over here too, so here it is. This is my adapted recipe of my favorite guilt free treat, THE skinny bitch brownies.I have been struggling for absolutely ever to find a treat that I could enjoy, make at home, and not feel guilty eating when I am trying to be a healthy bunny. I rifled through my cook books, and the internet and I found a recipe that I really liked but took a few bits and bobs out and added a few other bits!These brownies only have 3g of fat in each one, and compared to the usual brownies that have from 16g to 20g of fat in each one it is safe to say that these are an amazing treat.They also have absolutely no bleached sugars in it, which means that you have less processed badness going into your body.The ingredients100g Dark Chocolate (at least 70% Cocoa Solids)15g cocoa powder75g golden caster sugar75g light muscovado sugar90g plain flour90g 0% fat Greek yogurt or Greek style yogurt¼ tsp of baking powder1tsp of vanilla extractSkinny bitch browniesThe method:  Begin with melting your dark chocolate either in the microwave (for 20 seconds, then stir – and repeat until done) or you can do it on the hob over a pot of boiling water!Then you should beat the eggs in a mixing bowl, add both the light muscovado sugar and the golden caster sugar to your eggs, and whisk until light.Once your chocolate has cooled, add it to this mixture followed by the yogurt. Fold these two into the mixture until it looks all chocolatey and delicious.Sift your flour into the mixture, ensuring there are no lumps and bumps!Follow this with the addition of the baking powder, cocoa powder and vanilla extract.Mix all of this up until it is all completely mixed together.Instead of greasing my baking tin, I always use greaseproof paper to avoid adding extra oil and butter to the already pretty naughty treat. This makes it easier for taking the brownies out to cool too which is always ideal! Line your tin with the greaseproof paper and poor in your mixture.Bake for 15 minutes – and to check that they are all cooked, pop a knife in and make sure it comes out clean!Skinny bitch browniesI hope you enjoy them as much as I did, giving you something to enjoy when you have to study hard, and don't want to be piling on the exam pounds. I HAVE MISSED YOU.muchos loveysabelle xxxx

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