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Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin

By Sagaritah
Hello my friends!I'am back with another blog post of mine.In this post I would like to share my recommended skincare routine for acne prone skin.Acne prone skin may not always be oily.Some people may have dry skin with acne on their face.
Before discussing about the skincare routine we must read what is acne.Acne is a skin condition characterized by red pimples on the skin,due to inflamed or infected sebaceous glands.The reasons are many-it may result from stress,unhealthy diet,dandruff,bacteria,wrong make up or cosmetics,hormones and many more.One may experience acne problem in any age.My skin type is oily acne prone.But I try to maintain a skincare routine that helps me to avoid pimples.
1.Cleansing: Be sure clean your face two times a day.People with oily skin should opt for gel cleansers,while people who have dry flaky skin should try a mild foam cleanser or hydrating cleanser. Do not rub your skin vigorously while washing your face.Be gentle.Foam the face wash with a little water in your palms and then apply it on your face and massage gently.I like to use a mild silicon scrub to wash my face.This gently removes dead skin cells that causes acne and also removes blackheads.Skincare routine for acne prone skin
2.Toner or astringent: People should choose a toner or astringent according to their skin type.Astringents are not recommended for dry skin.They should try some hydrating toner instead.My personal favorite for oily skin are Fab India tea tree toner and Ayur astringent.3.Moisturizer: Moisturizing is necessary for all skin types.Even people with oily skin should use an oil free moisturizer.Go for oil free moisturizers or a good hydrating gel cream.You skin will tell you which moisturizer is right for you.I'll soon share my favorite moisturizers for oily skin in one of my next blog posts.4.Scrub: Scrubbing and cleansing acne prone skin is very necessary.But be sure to be very gentle with your skin,otherwise it may aggravate your skin condition.Scrub two to three times a week with a gentle scrub. Vaporize your face before scrubbing for best results.5.Spot treatments: Use pimple spot treatment every night before sleeping. You can try store bought ones,or else make fullers earth paste on your pimples before sleeping.6.Face packs: Their are several face packs that one may try.Like charcoal face pack,besan pack,fuller's earth pack,banana pack,honey and lemon pack,etc.I often share different kinds of homemade face packs for acne prone skin.Please keep an eye on my blog to know more about the face packs.People with dry and sensitive skin should try hydrating packs such as-banana pack or honey face pack.This skincare routine is very easy.But two things that you must rememeber are-1.Be gentle and 2.Use products according to your skin type.Thank you so much! Please follow me on google+/paperblog/shesaidbeauty.

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