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Shahnaz Husain Henna Review/How I Apply and Wash off Henna

By Sagaritah
Shahnaz Husain Henna Review/How I apply and wash off henna
Henna makes hair stronger,shinier and silkier.Some people use it just for conditioning and strengthening purpose,while others use it for conditioning,strengthening 

and for colouring purpose as well.

Henna never used to make my hair happy unless I started using this Rajasthani henna by Shahnaz Husain.I am very much satisfied with the quality of this henna.It serves both the purpose of conditioning and coloring my hair wonderfully.It also strengthens my hair and reduces hair fall.It costs only rupees 180 for three packets on an offer.I hope they never change its quality and its price as well.Each pack contains 100gms.I only need half of the packet to henna my waist length hair,and I keep the rest in an air tight container to use it the next month.Writing below the process of how I use it.I use it not only for strengthening my hair but also for colouring my dark black hair brown.I take a big plastic bowl and pour half of the henna powder in it,add three spoons of coco powder,2 spoons of cinnamon,2 spoons of honey, 1 spoon of extra virgin olive oil and then add warm dark tea liquor to make a thick paste and then leave it on for over night.One may also add "Kattha" for extra color.Next morning I add 3 spoons of curd and mix it well.Then I comb my hair,wear my plastic hand gloves,go to the bathroom with the mixture and apply it all over my scalp and hair.After applying it I make a hair bun on top of my head(no need to knot or to use any hair clips) and then wrap my hair with plastic food wrap.I usually keep it for about 4/5hours.Then to wash off the henna out of my hair which is the toughest part,I take a bucket half filled with water and immerse my head into it and slowly wash off the henna by gentle rubbing motion,I also keep on pouring water on my head while doing so.Then I throw away that water and wash my hair with fresh water for some time.This is the easiest and most effective way of removing henna I have come across.Then I use my hair conditioner,keep it for 3/4minutes and then wash it off.I don't shampoo the day I apply henna on my hair.I shampoo after a day or two after applying henna.

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