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Skateboarding and Surf Fitness

By Kree8or @surfing_buddha


I absolutely love to skate board. Do I prefer it to Body boarding? no, nothing beats that rush but it comes a close, very close second.

Any exercise is good for your surfing or body boarding, but why not have some fun whilst you’re at it? Gym work is all well and good, but frankly I have just as good a workout – specifically targeting the areas we need to hit i.e. core strength, stability, balance using my balance board and a few loose weights (I’ll be doing a full feature on this soon!) – but the cardio side of things is lacking.

This is where skateboarding comes in. You get to have fun, get fit and look good. Win win win if you ask me. It’s also great on the many days when my local break (Bracklesham Bay and The Witterings) aren’t producing any swell, you can get a rough approximation of booging an surfing.

I suppose part of the appeal for me is that the street isn’t affected by tides or winds, it just is, and if its really cold, just put a nice, thick jumper on, but like surfing or body boarding there are hazards. Cars, stones, pedestrians, dogs – hell even rough ground can send you flying, but its still a rush, its still fun and really do you care if anyone sees you take a spill? I know I dont.

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