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Sixth Form Has Taught Me

By Mollylouise
Sixth Form has taught me that revision is vital for success. No revision will definitely show in a disappointing grade. Lots of revision will make you feel fantastic and ready to attack the world.
Sixth Form has taught me to use my frees wisely, it's all good using your frees lazing around the common room chatting and gossiping with your friends but using the time to study is important too. Something I will be enforcing myself to do for Year 13. USE STUDY TIME EFFECTIVELY AND EFFICIENTLY!!
Sixth form has taught me UCAS will cause start that 'I don't know what to do' with the endless of different degree options and magnificent university campuses. I think this will encourage me to do well next year to get those offers!
Sixth form has taught me that organisation and time is not on my side, although a year is a long period of time but it isn't enough time so being organised has helped me to keep on track with my work.
Sixth form has taught me that having a job and a levels do not work. Long hours of shifts and assignments do not mix equalling a lot of stress. Cut down on work during exam period is important no matter how much you think you're going to cope with it all.
Sixth form has taught me that eating healthy is not going to happen. Honestly a quick pop to the CoOp does not mean a nice green salad but £8 or more spent on chocolate and don't forget using the NUS student card to get 10% off.
Sixth form has taught me that GCSE's are a walk in the park and doing A-Levels is like jumping of a 52 foot cliff into shark-infested waters and very few survive.
I hope everyone got the results they hoped for. I'm still waiting anxiously for mine :(

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