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Six Side Die Release 21.12 Minute Song Schadenfreude

Posted on the 01 February 2017 by Hendrik Pape @soundcheckblg

The long awaited, highly anticipated song "Schadenfreude" from the Durham region metal band Six Side Die is finally being released in digital format. This 21.12 minute song, 2 years in the making, depicts the relationship between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.

Singer Bryan Crouch (former front man for the popular metal act Hail the Villain) was inspired by the Meatloaf track "I Would Do Anything For Love" and decided instead of writing a bunch of songs that they would do one long kick ass song, hens Schadenfreude was conceived.

Throughout this past year, snippets and teasers of their progress where posted on social media, getting their eager fans excited for the final product. Several fans had the opportunity to hear "Schadenfreude" in its entirety when they performed it last August in Oshawa at the Moustache Club. Not surprisingly the song received overwhelming accolades from the crowd that evening.

Schadenfreude is a brilliantly written song that keeps you interested with it's ever changing tempos, changes in melodic values and their incredible musicianship. This piece of music is by far my favorite release within the last couple of years.

The digital download is now available for purchase at

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Listen to Schadenfreude

Six Side Die release 21.12 minute song Schadenfreude

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