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Six on Saturday 21/11/2020

By Ronniejt28 @hurtledto60

Opening with a weather comment again! It’s getting colder slowly but in this little corner of England there still hasn’t been a frost to kill off any remaining non- hardy flowering plants.

My Six on Saturday is showcasing plants that are not ready to leave the party yet.

1. Fuchsia

Six on Saturday 21/11/2020

This pretty purple/blue and white fuchsia is still full of buds, although the leaves are beginning to drop off the stems.

2. Cosmos

Six on Saturday 21/11/2020

Making up for being slow – it took until September to start to flower. There are still lots of buds, it’ll be interesting to see how long it lasts.

3. New Guinea Begonia

Six on Saturday 21/11/2020

I could do with this pot to plant the last of my spring bulbs but at the moment while this New Guinea begonia keeps going I feel loathe to ditch it. I find it difficult to be a heartless gardener.

4. Roses

Six on Saturday 21/11/2020

This was a little patio rose I had in a pot for a few years, no idea what it is called. This summer I added to the side border by the entrance drive. It clearly loves its new home and is flourishing still.

5. Alstroemeria ‘Indian Summer

Six on Saturday 21/11/2020

What excellent value Alstroemeria is in the garden. I am still pulling flower stems for indoors, but they are now becoming few and far between.

6. Cala Lily

Six on Saturday 21/11/2020

I am just blown away with this plant. My neighbor and I have been adding plants during the year on the side bed. He was given this Lily a few months ago and he planted it up against the wall in a sheltered position. It is so white it glows in the dark, really! It’s like having a little light bulb in that corner.

Short it sweet this week. As The Propagator said in his Six on Saturday this week “The days of plenty are long gone, a certain amount of creativity is required” and challenged our creativity to find Six for this weekly meme. Please take a look at this blog to see what he is showing along with the other contributors.

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