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Six on Saturday 06/03/2021

By Ronniejt28 @hurtledto60

Despite ignoring all advice, I have started to sow seeds. My windowsills are full of seedlings just producing true leaves. Yes it’s a bit early and not all the seeds have come through, but enough to nurture and keep safe until ready to go out at the end of April/early May.

1. Tomato Alicante

Six on Saturday 06/03/2021

The tomato seedlings have two to each cell so a little sorting out will be necessary soon. I always grow far to many tomato plants but guess I’m not alone. I think this year I will stick to one variety. Alicante is a good alrounder.

2. Sweet peppers ‘Friggitello’

Six on Saturday 06/03/2021

I started these off in plug pellets but as the seedlings are a bit leggy I’ve popped them into biodegradable pots. My job for today is to top them up with compost.

3. Cleome ‘Violet Queen’

Six on Saturday 06/03/2021

One of my all time favorite garden flowers is Cleome. I’ve only managed 3 successful seedlings but there is plenty of time to sow more. As you can see these are also leggy but that’s to be expected on a windowsill.

4. Cosmos ‘Pink Sensation’

Six on Saturday 06/03/2021

I don’t think you can have a flower garden without Cosmos. I have another tray also developing their true leaves. This year I’m going to plant some in veggie beds on the allotment.

5. Sweet peas – various

Six on Saturday 06/03/2021

I started my sweet peas in February. I am growing ‘Painted Lady’, ‘Swan Lake’, ‘Mammoth’ and ‘Perfume Delight’. Now they are outside on my patio in a large clear plastic storage box which makes an ideal mini greenhouse. The 3rd set of leaves have just appeared, once well established I’ll pinch out the tops to bush them out.

6. Potato ‘Sharpes Express’

Six on Saturday 06/03/2021

This is a new variety for me. They are First Earlies and chitting nicely, ready for planting in a few weeks. I also have Charlotte chitting in front of the patio doors.

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