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Sitting Still.

By Scarlettandstephen

Somewhere.  In the midst of our busiest travel season. We found ourselves sitting still.  On a rock.  Overlooking a waterfall.  And kids splashing their toes in the chilly water.  And the ducks eating the nibbles tossed their way.  People were swirling around us, but yet, we found our own private rock.  Down the hill.  In our own little corner.  It didn’t last long. We had somewhere to be in 15 minutes.  But for that moment, it was just he and me.  Or me and he.  Regardless, it was us.  For those 15 minutes, we just sat.  And people watched. And looked at the water flowing in the stream that had just fallen yards from us.

Just the day before, we were in the same spot, but different circumstances.  We were shooting a wedding, and they day was a rush.  A complete whirlwind.  One thing after another kept getting pushed back.  I secretly tried not to stress and keep my cool in front of the already anxious bride.  I found myself telling her, “Don’t forget to just take a look around and enjoy every moment and soak it all up, because it definitely goes by way to fast.”

As we sat there on the rocks, I couldn’t help but think that again.  This time about life.  Our life.  And all the rush it’s been the past few months.  And still is.  As we continue to plane/train/drive to the next location, I forget sometimes to just look around and soak it all up.  I need to do that more.

Here was my view.  And the Instagram that resulted from it. Greenville, South Carolina is simply gorgeous.

Sitting still.

Falls Park on the Reedy.

Sitting still.


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