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Sitting Disease

By Nicoleao @momfever

sitting disease I can’t believe it! I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do, and then they spring a new disease on me: Sitting Disease.

It’s a disease caused by… too much sitting. Luckily as a mom there’s not much chance of me sitting too much. But as a blogger, I dó sit. Working behind my computer.

And I always did so feeling pleasantly smug. Knowing I had run my 3 miler, so I was off the hook. I have even started crosstraining!


Running does not protect you from Sitting Disease

There’s so much running protects you from. I always love reading the lists:

  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Osteoperosis
  • Stress
  • Heart attacks
  • and the list goes on

But one thing is nót on this list. And that’s Sitting Disease. Running does not protect you against that. In fact,it gets even worse. Studies have shown that runners may actually sit móre hours after a long run.

Do you suffer from Sitting Disease?

It’s easy to diagnose yourself! Just answer this question:

 ‘How many hours a day is your butt parked on a chair?’

If the answer is: ‘Nine hours or more,’ you have Sitting Disease according to the official guidelines.

Get the cure now!

Luckily you can cure yourself too. It’s easy:

You have to sit less, and move more.

Put in at least 10.000 steps a day,  and make sure you spread them out during the day. Alternate sitting down with movement. Just getting your run in, isn’t enough. You have to make sure you move around during the rest of your day too.

As moms we have the advantage of having kids! Kids are messy and demanding. They want you to do stuff, and you have to clean up after them. All that is great to cure Sitting Disease.

How many hours a day do you sit?

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