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By Trebeca04
Over the past few years, I have made several of these 'memory' mirrors. They are so much fun to make, always wonderful to look at, and people seem to love them. I know all of this, because I am friends with some of the people who have bought or commissioned one of these mirrors, and I have the opportunity to visit these mirrors in their new homes from time to time.
I have to say, I am always pleased and happy that the memory mirrors continue to hold my interest because of their whimsey, and the 'rush' of memories they evoke in everyone who sees them.
Having said that . . . . i must add that they are "a pain in the neck" to photograph.  A photograph does not capture the magic, or the whimsey nor does a photograph bring on a squeal of delight.
This piece was commissioned as a gift, by a friend of mine for her sister Joyce, who lives in Colorado. I am happy to report, that as I compose this post, the piece, titled "Sisters" is on it's way to it's new home in Coloado.
Besides the personal mementos provided to me for this piece, I was also given a few details about Joyce's likes and dislikes to help me pull this memory mirror together.  This is what I was told:
  • She is a nurse
  • She drives a Harley
  • Her favorite place to vacation is Cancun, Mexico
  • Her favorite beer is Coors Light
  • She loves dogs, especially 'wiener' dogs
  • She loves to go fishing
  • She lives in Colorado
  • She loves 'bling'
  • and most of all she loves her family.
Now, back to the 'pain in the neck' part.  To help you see some of the details of this large memory mirror, I've included some detail images below.
Sisters Sisters Sisters SistersSisters Sisters

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