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Sirius-XM Implies Larry The Cable Guy Is Scary?

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

When we want to listen to a station of spooky sounds, we think of cackling witches, howling wolves, and whatever music Avril Lavigne and Nickelback may release together.

But over at Sirius-XM, if you want to listen to their seasonal Halloween station “Scream Radio,” they have an additional “sound” – Blue Collar “Git ‘R Done” comedian Larry, the Cable Guy.

3 Scarier Sounds Than The Voice Of Larry The Cable Guy.

1. A radio announcer yelling: “Congratulations! You’ve just won 3,000 Larry The Cable Guy T-Shirts! And yes, you must wear them all. At the same time.”

2. “Fox News declares the winner of the Presidential election is… a Roomba vacuum. Oops… sorry, we didn’t mean to cut into the Roomba vacuum commercial.”

3. The voice of Larry The Cable Guy tribute band Git ‘R Dub. It’s an entire show of four guys lip-syncing to the comedy of Larry the Cable Guy. Worst boy-band ever.

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