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Sir Alex Ferguson – Man Utd And Ginger Legend Retires

By Gingerfightback @Gingerfightback

Sir Alex Ferguson – Man Utd And Ginger Legend Retires

Legendary Manchester United Soccerball lad, Sir Alex “Fergie” Ferguson has decided to retire. We at Gfb are shocked as everybody else that this truculent  but game Jock has decided to quit the game at the top of his game with a couple of games to go before the last game of the season.

As Sir Fergie told Gfb’s sports editor, Geoff Bladder “Hoots mon! Och aye the noo. Sassenach bastard. Kilt. Haggis. Stitch that yer bastard.  Mel Gibson was shite in Braveheart. Where’s all this f’in injury time come from ref? Bring back Take The High Road!”

Whilst this doesn’t tell us much about the Grumblin’ Glaswegian, a Man U insider told us, “He yearns to revert to his ginger roots and wear the carrot bonce with pride once again.”

Such is Fergie’s desire to be Ginger, that the two leading candidates to replace him at Man Moo have undertaken follicle re-engineering to endear themselves to the skittish Scot.

David “Ginger Bastard” Moyes and Jose “The Ginger One” Mourinho have both been seen around town sporting lustrous ginger locks. Is this a coincidence? We think not!


Which of these Reds will be managing The Reds next season?

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