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Singapore: Touring While Learning Adventure

By Singcolinquisitor @lexuzinquisitor

Student learning and personal development is never confined inside the classroom. Students shall engage in both academic and non-academic activities, inside and outside the classroom. To enhance further our learning through outside the classroom experience, on July of this year 2011 we decided to have an educational trip to one of the Asia’s leading economy ---the famous Singapore. Singapore is considered to be the best modern country in South East Asia.
Singapore: Touring while Learning Adventure  The eager and the excited Master in Business Management student arrived at Changi Airport, Singapore.
No words can ever describe the feeling when we successfully landed at Changi Airport, Singapore, after a long and tiresome travel from Iligan to Cebu and to Manila. Everyone is very excited and eager for the experiences that are waiting for us. Upon arriving at the airport one significant learning that everyone cannot forget for the rest of our lives, “never take a photo in front of the immigration!” For a first time out of the country travel, we do not do that. So we received one peso para sa Pasig! That is after taking several photos with the immigration officers at our background.
 Mycofarm –Mushroom for Life
Singapore: Touring while Learning Adventure  Mycofarm---Mushrooms for Life
Our travel itinerary includes our visitation of the famous mushroom grower and producer in Singapore, the Mycofarm – Mushroom for Life. In this mushroom company, I discovered different edible mushrooms that are grown and propagated inside a giant coolant to facilitate mushroom grow. Not only that we learn them, we also had the chance to eat and taste their mushroom recipes freshly cooked in-front of us.
Singapore: Touring while Learning Adventure  Mushrooms at the Mycofarm
The Asia Pacific Breweries, Ltd.
We had the opportunity to get to know and an unlimited drink of the famous Singapore’s “Tiger Beer” – launched in 1932 and the flagship brand of the Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd. Tiger beer have a distinctive taste that comes from its quality and meticulous brewing process that involves over 200 quality checks. It is a European style beer using the finest natural ingredients like malted barley from Australia and Europe and bitter hops from Germany. The barley adds body and flavor to the beer which many beer fans love while, the hops gives the brew its bitter zest characteristics. Another ingredient is the special strain of yeast used which is uniquely and specially cultured in Holland.
Singapore: Touring while Learning Adventure

Transportation System
As tourists, we also had the taste of Singapore’s Development in terms of infrastructure and services. Part of our daily routine is to take their train as we traveled to our destinations. The public transportation system is very organized and systematic and are available everywhere especially in all important locations. We do not spend much for taking a taxi. Transportation cost is nothing to worry.
 I am amused by the citizen’s respect and concern over the elderly by willingly offering their seats for the elderly inside the train. No food and drinks inside the station especially inside the train. So different from what we have in the Philippines. Traffic rules are strictly implemented and are well followed by the citizens. I believe if that kind of implementation will be done here in the Philippines, motorist will no longer suffer bumper to bumper traffic. No hassles and no more accidents on our streets.
 Singapore: Touring while Learning Adventure
The Fun Tours
Singapore: Touring while Learning Adventure  Figure 5. The Battlestar Galactica
Universal Studio’s Singapore offers a wide array of entertainments, from the amazing and scary rides to an educational one. Truly, the place offers a lot of things that a one day, can never be enough. First at hand, my classmates bravely took the world’s tallest dueling coaster tipping at 42.5m, the Battlestar Galactica. It was too scary for me that I made myself contented with the Desert Treasure ride with Prof. Milagros Narido.
The said roller coaster ride has two features, the Human coaster (on the red tracks) which is designed for riders who want a roller coaster experience with no inversions. While the cylons, are for those riders who alley themselves to the (blue tracks) that travel on a space craft that will perform more intensive maneuvers such as one inverted loop, one cobra roll and one helix spiral. It also plunge into a 5 meter deep pit filled with artificial fog to give thrill seekers the sensation of a near mist with the ground, since part of the ride will take place at a lagoon. The two exciting loops will have a sudden turn’s breathtaking drop and thrilling near-collisions that will make everyone scream their heart out.
Singapore: Touring while Learning Adventure "The journey begins when you enter the ancient Egyptian tomb"  Thinking that this ride is just an ordinary ride, I was convinced by my classmates to try this. I was too afraid to try any ride that involves inversions and tilting coasters the only reason why I didn't took the Battlestar Galactic. I was really afraid that I will go home cold-dead! The Revenge of the Mummy doesn't have inversions, only sudden tilting and has a maximum speed of 45 mph so it is lesser intense than the Battlestar Galactic. Entering into the tomb on the first hand is already scary. Warnings are scattered and along the way you can meet people backing out. I guess, they backed out either scared or tired. What made this ride tiring is the very long line you have to endure, to the point that you will need to queue for almost an hour. Well, you have enough time to prepare then! But I am telling you, its all worth it! The ride is inspired by the movie "The Revenge of the Mummy" so expect a little bit of introduction that makes it more exciting and more worthwhile. Warning! There are parts of the ride where a sudden change to high-speed that launches the coaster up and few sudden drop and uncontrollable turns in the dark, backwards and forwards. Yes, you will really feel a lot more out of control because the ride is not in an open space---its in the middle of the dark. While in the dark a lot of effects will be revealed. 
Singapore: Touring while Learning Adventure Figure 6. Shrek's Kingdom Far-Far Away
A fairytale come true! As we look up to the Universal Studio’s “Kingdom Far-Far Away” of the animated film series “Shrek.” We got also the chance to experience of watching the film in 4D animation. 3D animation creates third dimensions that cartoon characters in a movie don’t just look like drawings but more realistically moving. It also allows the movie watcher to feel as if they are part of the scene. What is amazing in 4D is that it has added a time and space concept to its dimensions. While looking at a 4D movie, there is added depth in shadows. Plus, the additional effects of moving seats and water spraying, basically what the movie character is doing and feeling like he is in a roller coaster ride, you as a watcher will also experience it. When, the donkey in the movie sneezed, water are automatically be sprayed hitting our face. When there were insects in the movie, there are also moving things under your chairs. This feature adds excitement and more satisfying experience for the movie addicts like me.
Singapore: Touring while Learning Adventure
Then the group hurried to the last full show of “WaterWorld” – a water show inspired by the movie Water World of Kevin Costner in 1995. The said show features breath-taking stunts, gun shots and explosions where everyone is excitingly captivated in every scene.  As it is my first time to watch a live show, I was really amazed and thought that this is the best show I have ever seen in my entire life. By the way, if you ever have a chance to watch please beware seating in the front seats. You will definitely get WET!
Singapore: Touring while Learning Adventure
When you are in Singapore, prepare for a long walk. Observing other people will really help. I really admire their citizens. When taking the escalators, tired people stand and hold at the left side of the escalator. This will allow people in a hurry to pass at the right side. Unlike, here in the Philippines where people thought and even believe that escalators are made for everybody for a ride.
Singapore: Touring while Learning Adventure
Nothing else special, than meeting my long time no sees board mate and best friend Josette during the tour. My best friend Josette is working in Singapore for years now. She finished her degree in Information Technology in Mindanao State University also. It was really a moment seeing and hugging her after so many years of being far from each other.  I always treasure the moments spend with you my friend. I will always look forward to meet you in the future.
The last but not the least is our visit to the amazing works of art---the glorious Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort/Gold Sand Casino. The building is stretching longer than the Eiffel tower that is being laid down with an impressive area of 12, 400 square meters. It is said that the sky park can host up to 3,900 people in total. The gravity defying cantilever is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The building has an observation deck, of which hundreds of visitors flock everyday and feast their eyes on the unforgettable panoramic view of Singapore. Being at the observation deck during the night is the best. Below the Marina Bay Sands is the Art Museum---it designed as the symbolic gesture of welcome to guest from across the globe. The art museum is lotus inspired and considered to be the premier museum destination in Singapore for international touring exhibitions.
Singapore: Touring while Learning Adventure
As Business Management students we made sure that at the end, we will have good and better returns by making sure that every company that we are going to visit while on the trip is relevant to our field of study.

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