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Simple Ways to Get Perfect Brows

Posted on the 26 March 2014 by Health_news

Simple ways to get perfect brows

Well shaped brows always add a charm to a woman’s personality. It gives the face a clean and neat edge and a sharp look. There are many ways of having a perfect eyebrows, but every woman or girl may have their individual choice of doing it.  Using the pencil for shaping the perfect eyebrows is out of fashion now and there are many other ways of doing them. So, if you want to have attractive brows, here are some tips for you

  • Visit a grooming salon and get your eyebrows waxed or thread and let them know how you want your eyebrows shaped. If you have any specific expectations, then carry a snap of the brows you want. Threading or waxing is a painful method, but it is worth the result and gives a clean look to your face. The thickness and size of the brow is your choice and some other person cannot decide the thickness of your brow. You have to make the decision before you visit the salon, depending on the facial structure, shape and size of your eyes.
  • Every person may have a different style. The hair growth on the eyebrows can grow within some days, so you are expected to repeat the process after every 20 days or three weeks.
  • Whenever you plan to step out of the house for any event or party, use a spoolie to define the eyebrows and that will help the hair of your brows in the same direction making it sharper. A spoolie can be easily purchased from a pharmacy store or a makeup shop. If you have an old mascara brush, even that can act as a spoolie.
  • Use the end of the spoolie to define the brows and align the hair of the brow from the start of the brow till the end of the brow. Start using it from the nose till the arch of the eye.
  • If you still need sharper and edgy look, use an eyebrow pencil, gel or a wax to border the eyebrow and fill the inside portion of the eyebrow. Outline the brow with the pencil and fill it with the desired color. Keep light shade at the end of the brow. Use the shades that are 2 shades darker from your eyebrow. There are amazing branded products in the market that are great in quality like MAC and Milani Easybrow.
  • Now use a brush and a concealer that can be used below the brow to make them look clearly defined and freshly made. The concealer should be lighter in shade and it can be used below and the above area of the brow.

Some tips before getting under the thread are that try threading immediately after the shower as it will have minimal pain. Always visit the salon in the evening so that your skin gets the night time to rest and the redness can go away. Avoid shaving the brows as it may grow itchy the next time. Perfectly shaped eyebrows can be combined with an eye shadow, eye liner and mascara for a great evening effect. Combine it with great accessories, clothes and shoes to make a perfect look for the evening.

So, still here….? Get ready to impress all with prefect brows with above mentioned tips now.

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