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Simple Tips to Get Rid of Windows 8 Crash

Posted on the 30 May 2013 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

Your Windows 8 should not be crashing on you. It is not a price of software that is prone to crashing, which means you will need to put your systems under some severe stress for it to crash. Below is a list of the various stresses you may place upon your systems that may result in an o-so uncommon Windows 8 crash. If you are experiencing regular crashes, then you may wish to look beyond Windows 8, as there are lots of other reasons why your systems may be crashing, and frankly, it is unlikely to be the fault of your Windows 8 software.

windows 8 crash
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Make sure your computer is up to the task of running Windows 8

The fact is that it is going to crash if you put it on a pocket calculator. Before you run off and blame Windows 8 for crashing, ask yourself if your computer is really up to the task of using Windows 8. There is a high chance that your computer is simply not advanced enough to handle Windows 8 if you are crashing all the time.

Get a good virus and malware scanner

Your computer may keep crashing because your virus or malware scanner is not good enough. You may not even have it on. Windows 8 is good at rooting out viruses, but it is not perfect. A good virus and malware scanner is going to tell you if you have a virus that is taking up all of your system memory and making your computer crash. If your systems are clogged up then there is little you can do to stop the downfall of your system and its eventual crashing.

Disable a few of your unneeded background tasks

They may be clogging up your systems and making your computer crash. It may be the reason why your computer seems to crash, even if you are not running a certain task at the moment that it crashes. You may have a number of background tasks running that you do not have to have on. They may even be clashing with each other and messing up your systems. Your CPU may be so bogged down with background tasks, so you will need to shut some off in order to retain your windows 8 functionality.

Do not download heavy and unreliable software

The downloadable stuff is the worst. It may be a heavy program, and it may also be a heavy user of the computer systems. It is not an ideal situation to be in if you are using unreliable and heavy software. You are going to find that you crash an awful lot. The unstable software is going to keep crashing on you, which is probably going to make your Windows software crash too. Plus if it is a heavy user, then even if you run a small program at the same time, it may cause Windows 8 to crash.

Run your unstable programs in safe mode

If you like to create programs or you have been buying them online, then why not try running them in the Safe mode first. It may help to stop you getting any sort of system errors or monumental crashes. Unstable programs are capable of messing up your internal settings so that your computer breaks down. You can run them in safe mode just to be sure before you put it onto Windows 8, as it may crash and you would have otherwise have blamed Windows 8.

Be wary of filling your hard disk

If you have a full hard disk then it is easier to crash your computer. There are a number of reasons for this, with one of them being that the computer sometimes uses the hard disk as RAM, and you are removing that option if you have filled up your hard drive.

Be careful not to expose your computer to temperature extremes

If you leave it in the sun or out in a very cold place then it is going to affect the performance of your computer. This is going to translate into it being hard to use, and make it hard for Windows to function on it. You may then blame Windows without proper cause.

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