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Simple Steps on How to Upload a Podcast Using Voice Recorder On Your Phone

By Lifestreasury

Simple Steps on How to Upload a Podcast Using Voice Recorder On Your PhoneHi dearies, I got this question from people asking how can I get a clear podcast?
Whenever I see this question I just remember How Laziness Saved My Life by Ofili Speaks.
This is not my normal post but I am doing this to help all those out there who think they need to get a studio to achieve a Podcast. I will be listing my accessories for you and how I achieve a Simple podcast.
This step can only be good for the following people:
- Those who know they just want to speak to make an impact with little or no extra expense.
-Those who appreciate their voice for how it is and so can go on without having to edit it.
-Those who are not auditioning for Radio Presenters with their podcast, because you might just need some extra voice lift.
-Those who think simple is not boring.
If you are any of these categories then you can relate with my style of pod-casting.
Let's start with my tools:
- Phone (Any iPhone) I am being specific about the brand because not all phones have voice recorders.
- iConvt (an app on iPhone)
- Internet Connectivity account.
How do I use these to achieve my podcast?
I am sincerely the laziest person when it comes to upload, edit, jingle and the likes, so I had to discover an easy way out.
Step 1:
Open the voice recorder on your phone, choose a quiet environment and start recording. I personally hold my phone and speak into it.
Save your recording  with the name of the post.
That is one step completed.
Step 2:
Send the recording as a mail to yourself or preferably to the email you use on your phone so you can download it immediately it gets in.
Send it to the phone that has your iConvt app.
The reason is, you cannot open to the converting app directly, so you have to download it from your mail, then you place your finger on the download for some seconds and you see various apps with which you can open the recording. Simply click on the downloaded iConvt app.
Automatically it gets to the app and it shows you vide and audio,click on the audio version. You will see your recording.
Place your finger on the recording for some seconds and you will see options which include, play, convert, open in, share e.t.c
Click on convert,  it shows you Default and Advance, Click on Advance, and then on format, when the drop down comes up choose MP3 (I think that is the accepted format, that's what I use) then you click done and it starts converting.
Step 2 Done
Step 3:
When it is done converting place your finger again on the converted recording and a list of drop downs which include, Play, Open In, Share e.t.c
Click Open In and then scroll to your box app on your phone, when it opens there you will see an instruction to Upload, tap on Upload.
Once it is done uploading, click on the share button and go to the Embed link, it gives you an html code which you can then copy into your blog.
The process might seem complicated at first but with time you will get used to it.
This is my lazy technique of achieving a Podcast.
If you are still having issues with the process, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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