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Simian Mobile Disco: We Love @ Space, Ibiza (Don’t Forget the Gizzards)

By Smartgirltravel @SmartGirlTravel

I love Simian Mobile Disco.  I love their chilled electro sets, I love their more techno stuff, I love James Ford’s chubby face and wild, curly hair – and I love their latest set in Ibiza for We Love @ Space (yes, I was there . Lucky, lucky me).

Now, I think I love them even more after they valiantly tasted the weird and wacky dish of duck gizzards, kindly rustled up by their manager, Luke.  Read my Top 10 Weird Foods from Around the World, which probably blows SMD’s dining experience out the window. Feel free to step it up, guys…..

Music is food, Food is Music

There are people who live for their favourite bands and there are people who live to see the world, then there are the people who live to eat their favourite foods.  People who live for all three, are the kind of people I like to get to know; all rounders who just love life. 

Delicacies is the duo’s record label for their more techno orientated sounds, and with each track named after a strange and disgusting delicacy, this production feels like the perfect marriage between music and food. The other day, SMD decided to try one of their own tracks: gizzards. (Read the full story here)


Gizzards are the organs which act as second stomachs for animals such as birds and ducks…..meh…..I don’t think it’s that disgusting, but then again, I am the type of weirdo who eats fried tarantulas as a midday snack. 

I’d like to see the boys experiment with more of their techno tracks. 

Maggot-filled Casu Marzu, maybe?

The Smart Girl’s Travel Guide dares you. 


Simian Mobile Disco: We Love @ Space, Ibiza 2011:

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