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Signing Off

By Roopz @Roopakutty
Some seasons are lovely while others are hard to survive. Same is the case of a writer. A person will not be able to write with the unchanged enthusiasm all the time. I could sense my ideas have become scanty and my thoughts are traumatized. Going deep and discussing the problems will be boring as I’m not able to identify the exact cause.
If you tot up the words, you may find many letters. In short, this blog post has nothing to offer. Moreover for past one month I did not notice much of other bloggers’ posts too. There were days when I kept reading articles and commenting for the sake of getting better ranks for my blog. Later I read simply to know the thoughts and creativity of others’ posts.
May be for last one month, I am sorry to say I read only a few blog posts. I know I should not expect others to comment or give feedbacks on my blog posts if I don’t visit their works.
I can never say I did not write anything. I wrote 2-3 emotional poems. You might feel all those sounded same. I understood the power in my words is missing. I need time to polish my words. Give me time, I’ll be back as your prayers and wishes encourage me to scribble more. I’ll comeback any day! But for now, I’m signing off!

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