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Sicily Skies [Sky Watch Friday]

By Shattman
   These images are from my archive. In 2006 we were in Sicily with a German tour group [from Studiosis]. Let me start off with a strong recommendation to visit there. It was a total surprise how lush and beautiful the scenery and vegetation were [in May]. I was expecting everything to be dry and dusty; it was anything but that. Also a surprise was the fact that are more Greek temples/ruins in Sicily than in Greece; and, they are in wonderful condition. In the town of Agrigento, stands an amazing collection of seven Greek [Doric style] temples, which were constructed during the 6th and 5th centuries BC. The image below is what remains of the Temple of Herakles [Greek counterpart of the Roman Hercules]. It is one of the lesser ruins compared to several much better preserved and almost complete temples.
Sicily Skies  [Sky Watch Friday]
The sunset below was shot through the window of a restaurant where we happened to be dining.
Sicily Skies  [Sky Watch Friday] 
    This landscape was shot from high up a hillside in the vicinity of Erice. At the time it was quite cold and windy, and the tour was being urged to return to the bus. However, I was determined to wait for an opening in the clouds. I was lucky to get my shot, and was still not the last to re-board [sparing me some indignities].
Sicily Skies  [Sky Watch Friday]

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