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Sicily 12: Taormina (i) [Sky Watch Friday]

By Shattman
Taormina became the center of our activity for the next several days. Originally founded in the 3rd century BC by the Greeks, it was built at the foot of Mt. Tauro on a bluff overlooking the Ionian Sea. Today, Taormina is Sicily’s most famous tourist resort. Among its many attractions is the Greco-Roman theater, the second largest [capacity of ca. 5,000 people] in Sicily [after the one in Syracuse]. First built in 3rd century BC, it was almost entirely rebuilt by the Romans in the 2nd century AD. This was necessary so that it could be used for gladiator fights and ‘wild animal shows’; e.g. the ground level had to be lowered so that the animals could not leap into the stands.
In the images below, note the scenic brick wall, which were fronted by nine granite columns with Corinthian capitals [only the bases of 4 columns are seen here]. 
Sicily 12:  Taormina (i)      [Sky Watch Friday]
Sicily 12:  Taormina (i)      [Sky Watch Friday]
Sicily 12:  Taormina (i)      [Sky Watch Friday]
Later in the day, we took a hike high up above the city for a breathtaking [both literally and figuratively] view. If you look carefully, you can see the theater [ca. 11-12 o’clock].
Sicily 12:  Taormina (i)      [Sky Watch Friday]

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