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Shrink Your Salon Spend

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
  • Follow the 90 day rule - yes, a gap of 45 days between two haircuts is considered the best, but you will be glad to know that our hair can manage without crying out loud for up to 90 days. 
  • Scrub your own back - smash about three walnuts into fine powder, and mix it up in leftover cream. Add to it few drops of rose water (for your nasal delight), some honey and whip up a home made body scrub. 
  • Curate your limbs - with that bottle of shampoo you bought to try but did not turn out so great. If you do not have that, cut up two sachets of shampoo in tub full of warm-to-your-taste water and dip your limbs in. You can get rid of the dead skin and mend those cuticles while enjoying your favorite television show in the comfort of your home. Use cold cream from last winter for massage, and finish off with nail paint. Some great choices are listed here.
  • Bleach yourself - while it is way easier to get yourself bleached amidst other rituals, getting the same brand of bleach home from your pharmacist, and doing it yourself is about one fifth the cost, may be lesser. We must not ignore that four out of five parts as application fees is a pretty large chunk. 
  • Soothe your eyes - with the changing lifestyles, most parlors have come up with eye soothing packs. You can handle your own eyes effortlessly yourself. Read more about it in another post.

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