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Shower of Roses

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest
Shower of Roses

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Rose Petal Shower

A petal a prayer is the price she said
“Why so high?”
The girl replies:
“Love is priceless
And happiness and joy
Many never experience it
My prayers are guaranteed
Brand new
And will answer every need”
Said the child, annoyed
Again, the man ask
“Why so high?”
The child replies

“What price do you pay for love?
What price do you pay for joy?
Everything you could ever want
Could be wrapped up inside one prayer
The petal is soft like a needed touch
The scent is fragrant
Offering comfort and such
The design by God
Each petal perfect
God chose me to be his vessel
I just take a petal in my hand
I gently blow a kiss on the petal in order to send”

Gazing into her large eyes
Tears threatening to fall
The man tells her there is no cost at all
“Prayers are free”
“You know about prayer?”

The girl looked at him curiously
“I answer them everyday”
The girl said
“What a waste of time
Prayers are never answered”
To which the man replied
“Are you saying this is a scam?”
The girl looked frightened
Like she was ready to run
Said the man
“You are with The Lamb”
“The Lamb, what do you mean?”
“The Lamb of God”
he said
“That Lamb is dead
He never rose
He never answers prayer
That is the scam!”

The man replied softly
“Are you sure, my child?”
“Are you certain?”
“Did you not wake up this morning and pray to this man?”
“Weren’t you down on your knees with tears in your eyes”
“Praying to God, asking for a sign?”

“Who are you
How do you know this?
Are you a stalker?”
She hissed

Gently He said
“I am the One you seek.”
“I answer every prayer”
“You chose not to notice”
“Pretended I wasn’t there”
“Sometimes prayers are not answered in the way you seek”
“I answer in the way I know best”
“You may not understand now”
“But one day you will”
“I am Love”
“I know how you feel”
“Have faith in me”
“This is all is takes to join me in Heaven someday”

The child bowed her head as if to pray
Tears were falling, she didn’t know what to say
“Rose Petals”
“You wanted them to rain”
“I have one right here”

“I will blow up a storm from my hand”
“Enough to cover where you stand”
“You begged for Rose Petal Rain from one petal”
“Stand right there until they settle”

He opened His hand and blew on the petal
A Rose Petal Shower, so beautiful
She had cursed God, she was a fool
Tears fell from her cheeks
She fell on her knees
Begging forgiveness
Eager to please
God said He loved her
That never ceased
A Rose Petal Shower
Kicked the unfaithful disease

Renee Robinson

Shower of Roses

photo by:

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