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Show Your Loved Ones Appreciation by Giving Them Stunning Christmas Gift Hampers

By Moamen Enoo
Show your Loved Ones Appreciation by Giving them Stunning Christmas Gift Hampers

Christmas hampers are large gift baskets and the most delightful gift you can present to your loved ones on the festive eve. It is a gesture that expresses your gratitude, love, and appreciation you have in your heart for the delight that the presence of your friends and family brings to your life.

You can choose to either order a ready to ship Christmas hampers online or customize and get it delivered to the doorstep of your loved ones. At Igifthampers.com, you get the opportunity to customize your hamper right from selecting the basket to what goes into in to decor and add-on gifts. You can add exotic varieties of fruits to add to the deliciousness of the hamper.

Traditional symbolism of hampers

The art of giving and receiving gift during Christmas is an age-old practice and represents:

  • Appreciation and thoughtfulness you feel for your friends.
  • Family traditions and their values.
  • Gratitude towards your co-workers, employees, and anyone who you feel makes your life easier and worth living.

The practice of giving gift is practiced by some families not just on the eve of Christmas, but 1 week proceeding the festive day.

In old times, the hamper baskets were sewn by grannies and mothers by hand using wickers. These baskets were then filled with homemade cakes, cookies, breads, and hand knitted clothes for children. Their hard work and artisan skill was brought to use, which was appreciated by the receiving families.

We do not indulge in such efforts now though these hampers still represent our love and appreciation for our loved ones.

Simple guide to select the perfect hamper for this Christmas season
  • Include food and snacks as per the taste preferences of the receiver; a variety of cheese for the cheese lover, exotic fruits for your vegan friends, cookies, chocolates, and special breads and pastries.
  • Ensure that the food delicacies you choose have a shelf-life so that they are received fresh and are eatable at least for a few days post delivery.
  • Decorate your hamper with special edition flowers to make it look bright, colourful, and elegant.
  • Fill up the space with some add on gifts and non-food items such as teddy bears, wines, personal diary, pens, or anything specific that you feel is needed by the receiver.
  • Add post it notes and write messages that reflect your relationship with the receiver.
  • If there are children in the family, include some toys and candies for them as well.
  • Make them visually appealing by lining the basket with a gift-wrap or thin coloured paper.
  • Use ribbons, streamers, and decorative flowers liberally and randomly.
  • You can even use knitted bows, and glitter butterflies to add more festive touch to the hamper.

You can skin making a hamper all by yourself and choose to customize it as per the options given by the seller. Even when you go this way, don't just add random products in the basket instead give your personal attention to each basket and choose products that the receiver would be happy to get. They will always admire the emotions and time invested in preparing the gift.

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