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Show Me Your Style - Blog Hop No. 5

By Arianel
Hi Ladies!First post done from work at lunch time of course!I'm a good little worker! I finally figured out that i had the wrong browserNow all is good!
I wanted older folks for my Blog Hop this weekI found 2 on Hel-looks
Their Style 
This is Hely she is 69
 hel looks - hely 69 
This is Tixa  he's 54
  hel looks tixa 54 
I love their looks, it's fun, carefree, happy,and colorful
Now my style

This how the day began7h30 AM  photoshoot!

a6 a5
And this is how it ended 
6h30 PM  photoshoot
Different jacket
 Wearing - 
 Suede jacket - Thrifted
Other Jacket - Thrifted
Stripes Top - Thrifted
Suede Skirt - Thrifted
La main de Fatima necklace ( on my fav!) Thrifted
And yes, and yes - Kill me for it! I got a pair of New Docs!
Now Show me your style! 

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