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Show Me Your Style # 8

By Arianel

I'm back!I'm not apologizing I hate and don't understand when bloggers apologize for lack of posts
I always wonder what they think will happen if they don't post?  Civilization as we know it will cease to exist? 
Or no one will look at your blog anymore?
Blogging should not be your life
It's not for meBlogging is a plus for meI love the interaction, the comments, the connections and the creative outlet it providesBut...My life takes precedence over blogging
And surely i will not be forgotten
I'm so darn Fabulous!
I had to say, and that said, lets see some great style!
This week it seems that i had a thing for plaid !
Bitter Sweet Colours
 Little lady little city blog5 Fashion Cookies 
This my style this week - Ouh! the pic is a bit dark, oh well, I'm not apologizing for that as well!
 This is my mix of genres
Cowgirl meets Prince of Wales    I would like to mention 2 great posts this week
Sara of Hello the Mushroom  who wrote a fantastic post entitledHow to keep your motivation when times are hard Kelly of Grunge Queen showing us her French Style FabulousnessKelly is a Canadian Blogger who recently move to Annecy, France
Now Show Me Your Style
 Have a great weekend!


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