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Show Me Your Drawers! for #WeekendCooking

By Joyweesemoll @joyweesemoll

When we moved to our house over 7 years ago, I made a good stab at organizing the kitchen tools into one long drawer. I always meant to make another pass at it after I learned how we used the kitchen. Seven years later, with never another attempt, this drawer is a jumble.

Jumbled kitchen drawer

The “Before” picture

“Clean the kitchen tools drawer” has been on my spring cleaning list for weeks, but I finally got it done when I realized I could write a Weekend Cooking post about it.

I hoped that it was just an organization problem. I laid everything out on the counter organized by size and figured it would all come together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Kitchen tools on counter

The “During” picture

As usual with these sorts of things, however, the problem wasn’t organization — it was too many things in too small of a space. I threw out a number of duplicates and unused tools and moved a few things to a less-accessible drawer across the kitchen. That helped.

organized kitchen tools drawer

The “After” picture

But there were still things on the counter. I decided a nearby drawer was being under-utilized. It’s the drawer that is supposed to hold our folded napkins. All well and good if, in fact, we folded napkins. Instead, we fetch them from the laundry basket. That drawer is prime space — no use reserving it for a fantasy.

Two organized kitchen drawers

The other “After” picture

How do you store your kitchen tools?

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