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Should My Deaf Friend Make A Complaint?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
kat 009 Should My Deaf Friend Make A Complaint?

Me & Angie – Yes she is 6ft taller than me – Shes very drunk here

I was rather disgusted to hear my friend Angie upset because a bus driver had made a rather discriminating comment in regards to her disability.

Angie is deaf and she wears 2 hearing aids, I have often joked with her it must be great to be able to take them out when the kids are screaming. Joking aside what happened to her today is disgusting and I will be urging her to make an official complaint.

Due to Angie’s disability she has a bus pass and as she climbed onto the bus with her young son she was still clutching her mobile to her ear.

“Is that your pass?” the bus driver asked her

“Yes” Angie replied

“Why have you got it? He probed

“Because I’m hard of hearing” she explained

“I have just seen you talking on the phone” he laughed at her

“I’m hard of hearing with 2 hearing aids not deaf” Angie told him rather upset

The bus driver tutted and Angie took her child by the hand and went to find a seat; it was difficult to hold the tears back as everyone else on the bus had stopped to stare.

Should Angie make a complaint? I think she should

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