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Short Humorous Real Life Anecdotes on Television

Posted on the 18 July 2019 by Lifecoachbloggers

  • I carried TV remote control instead of my cell to the office yesterday. No wonder I haven't got any promotions for the last four years.
  • I wish I knew mind reading, especially to read my 3 year old son and his friends’s mind. Last evening, I was watching TV, someone poked me from behind; I turned around, and I saw my son and his other five friends sitting with absolutely no expression on their faces.
  • In spite of technological advancements, One thing about Televisions never changed for the past 20 years; The amount of time it takes for the picture to appear once the set has been turned on. Both, the old TV and the new one takes the same time--20 seconds.
  • My mom was watching cooking recipes in one of those TV channels. It lasted for 2 hours. and then? as usual we went to the nearest restuarant for dinner.
  • Since childhood I have been noticing this behavior of mine. While watching TV, I watch these repeated ads that are annoying but I find myself unable to stop watching them. Sometimes, In life, some people give back our words and deeds that we say and do to them, AS IT IS, almost immediately. Last week, my 3 year old son, “Dad, would you like to join with me in the cricket match”. I, “I’m sorry son, I’m busy with my office work, do not disturb me, please!”. Last evening, I was shuffling through the TV Channels and I came across my son’s favorite cartoon program Tom and Jerry. I excitedly said, “Son, check out, TOM and JERRY, your favorite show”. He, “I’m sorry dad, I’m busy with school homework, do not disturb me, Please!”
  • Sometimes, my mom gets so involved in TV programs that she feels part of it. recently, she was talking to the television informing the screen character of awaiting danger under the assumption that the character can hear her. She said, “Turn around, turn around, that guy is going to hit you with an iron rod”
  • Though I hate TV commercials and ads, sometimes it helps me in parenting, especially while handling my son screaming his throat out loud and crying. Recently, I tried all methods to console my 4 year old crying son. Meanwhile, on TV, he spotted one of his favorite advertisements. He stopped crying, watched his favorite commercial, which lasted for 16 seconds, and then continued his crying. Though technology is so advanced, my TV still behaves like this. When the button i push on my remote control doesn't respond at first, and i push it again and get channel 33 when i wanted 3.
  • When it comes to watching TV, my wife likes watching movies, the first son likes watching cartoon network, my mom likes watching family episodes, my second son likes watching advertisements, and I like keeping the TV switch off in order to save electricity bill. But you know who wins? Myself. How? Half the time there is no power in our locality. God exists.

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